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Peer-reviewed papers

González-Forero M. Evo-devo dynamics of hominin brain size. In press. Nature Human Behaviour. Preprint.

†González-Forero M. 2024. A mathematical framework for evo-devo dynamics. Theoretical Population Biology. 155, 24-50. Link to journal (open access).

González-Forero M. How development affects evolution. 2023. Evolution. 77, 562-579. Link to journal (open access).

González-Forero M* and Peña J*. 2021. Eusociality through conflict dissolution. Proc. R. Soc. B. 288, 20210386. Link to journal (open access).

González-Forero M and Gardner A. 2018. Inference of ecological and social drivers of human brain-size evolution. Nature. 557, 554-557. PDFSI. Accompanying commentary. Behind the paper. A distilled version of the paper.

González-Forero M, Faulwasser T, and Lehmann L. 2017. A model for brain life history evolution. PLoS Computational Biology. 13, e1005380. Link to journal (open access).

González-Forero M. 2015. Stable eusociality via maternal manipulation when resistance is costless. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 28, 2208-2223. PDF.

González-Forero M. 2014. An evolutionary resolution of manipulation conflict. Evolution 68, 2038-2051. PDF.

González-Forero M and Gavrilets S. 2013. Evolution of manipulated behavior. American Naturalist. 182, 439-451. PDF.

†González-Forero M. 2009. Removing ambiguity from the biological species concept. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 256, 76-80. PDF.

*Equal contribution.

Contains significant supplementary information.

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